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These form most of the mass of your upper arms, so if you're into big arms, these are the workouts for you. For more movements from the Element Training program, click on the figure at left.

Exercises for Strength

Stretch your front shoulder well before you do these. Sit down on a bed or stable chair, with your palms on the edge beside your thighs. Move your bottom forward past the edge of the chair and extend your legs so your weight is on your hands. Bend at your elbows to lower your body, and straighten your elbows to lift it back up. Add weight over your midsection if need be.

  Tricep Extensions  
Hold a dumbell and reach straight up, bend your elbow fully while keeping your shoulder still, and straighten your arm up to lift up the weight. This move can be done from standing, seated, or hero pose; with two arms; and/or following a military press. It can also be done lying on your back with your elbow pointed up.

  Yoga Push-ups  
These are described in the front shoulder section.

Stretches for Flexibility

  Supine Triceps Stretch  
Lying on your back, lift your elbow up and place its palm against your upper spine. Lift your head and use it to push the stretching forearm down, while your assisting hand pulls the stretching elbow gently toward the opposite side.

  Overhead Triceps Stretch  
Simply point your elbow straight upward and bend it fully to bring your hand down. You can reach the stretching arm's hand down your back, hook in your thumb at the base of your neck and turn your palm over, or place the back of your hand against the base of your neck and stretch with fingers pointed forward. You can use your other hand anchored against your head to assist.

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