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Workout Programs.

The Element Training method is very flexible and customizable, and this page includes a few programs that I've designed along with guidelines for creating your own program. For a nominal fee or barter I can design you an elemental program to suit your fitness needs; use the feedback form to request that service if you're interested.

Each movement is rated by difficulty in order to assist with program design.
  One-element movements are great for beginners, and are safe, simple and effective. Relative safety aside, the movements should always be done slowly and carefully until you get a feel for them, and you should never stop being safety-conscious while you exercise.

  Two-element movements are more challenging and require a good base fitness level or a lot of eagerness to progress. If it's the latter, make sure to be extra safety-conscious, move slowly until you feel you have the right motion, and allow enough healing time while you work on other muscle groups.

  Three-element movements are the hardest to do and the most rewarding when done well. Work up to these and you'll be well on your way to being certified awesome.

The Earth Foundation Program.

For beginners or non-trainers, the first little bit makes the biggest difference. Take just five minutes a day for the Plank Pose, along with the Locust Pose done as an earth movement. This'll give you a good foundation of core strength, help prevent spinal and postural troubles, and work quite a few other muscle groups in the process. As you gain endurance add some Push-ups for the arms, once again done as a static hold, and work up to static Yoga Push-ups with knees on the floor. Also use the Horse Pose or Iron Chair for the legs. None of these exercises require any equipment.

There is also the 5BX program for air force cadets. It gave me my start and I highly recommend it.

The Ignatius Farm Program.

I designed this one when I was working long hours on a farm and my time was very limited. It's meant to work the whole body with a minimum number of compound fire exercises. Go through them all without a break for some intense circuit training. This program requires a minimum of two dumbells and a fairly high level of fitness.
  1. Judo Push-ups
  2. Chin-ups or Standing Double Rows
  3. Lateral Dumbell Raises with simultaneous Calf Raises
  4. Hindu Squats or Lateral Squats
  5. Leg Lifts or Crunches from Leg Lifts
  6. Rainbow Locust Pose

The Flowing Water Program.

I do this set of basic stretches every night before bed; it keeps me limber and improves my sleep.
  1. Yoga Mudra
  2. Outreach Stretch
  3. Standing Sky Stretch
  4. Fourfold Forearm Stretch
  5. Standing Forward Bend
  6. Cobra Pose
  7. Child's Pose
  8. Supine Hero Pose

The Bodybuilder's Fire Program.

This one works every major muscle group, and does so much more intensely. Each exercise is done in multiple sets - that is, one group of push-ups (a "set"), a thirty second rest, and then another set. Each exercise goes like this:
  • set #1 - warm up - 12-15 reps to medium exertion
  • set #2 - challenging - 8-12 reps to strong exertion
  • set #3 - deadly - 6-8 reps to muscle failure.
  • Multiple sets demand more recovery time, which is given here by splitting the workout into three days.

    Day 1.
    Front Shoulders

    Day 2.
    Rear Shoulders
    Upper Back
    Lower Back
    Day 3.

    Each muscle group is then worked hard on one day and rests for at least two more. This is a more refined and structured method than the farm program, allowing for more varied exercises and more specific training. It takes a little more time but it's certainly well-spent.

    Design Your Own Program.

    In my opinion, the best way to do Element Training is as a spontaneous flow where you let your body tell you which exercise to do next. This training style lends itself to 2-hour workout sessions that leave you totally exhausted, floating on a natural high... a state you've got to feel to believe. But if you'd like to design your own structured program to suit your fitness goals, the table below is a good place to start.

    Size and strength Train fire-style and select a weight that will allow 8-10 reps or less before muscle failure. Utilize negative reps and explosive training. Train air-style enough to ensure that your lungs are going strong when your muscles have to stop.
    Toning and definition Train fire-style with a lighter weight and a greater number of reps. Use the earth poses liberally, pre-exhausting with fire for greater effect.
    Weight loss Do plenty of cardio to burn the energy your body is storing as fat. Use fire training to build denser, larger muscles that will burn energy just by existing. Select foods with a higher nutrient density that will allow you to meet your nutritional needs with a lower energy intake. Consult this page for further ideas.
    Masculine sex appeal Keep in mind that women have different tastes, and a lean and well-toned build can be as attractive as a large and muscular one. Train the upper body to develop a V-shaped physique that tapers down from the shoulders. Shed excess fat and tighten the glutes.
    Feminine sex appeal Know that testosterone is a big factor in creating large muscles, so working out is unlikely make you look more masculine. Tone the entire body more or less equally with fire and earth movements. Shed excess fat and tighten the glutes.
    Sexual performance Work on functional strength, hip flexibility, and especially kegels for the pelvic floor muscles.
    Cardiovascular endurance Use any or all of the breathing and cardio exercises.
    Speed Martial artists should develop a high strength-to-mass ratio, and in particular avoid creatine.
    Functional strength Use compound exercises of the fire and earth style, weighted mainly by your own body.
    Prevention of injury Use water training to increase flexibility and mobility, and fire training to cushion the joints.
    Bone and joint health Eat adequate calcium and take in vitamin D from food or from sunlight. Train fire-style to develop muscles that will cushion your joints, earth-style to improve posture, and water-style to improve joint mobility.
    Stress relief Use intense fire, earth or air training to burn off stress, or use water training and relaxation to dissolve it.

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