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Element Training.

Element training is an original workout method found only at It's inspired by the classical theory of the four elements, and combines the movements of fire, water, earth and air to create one of the most holistic exercise programs possible. Exercises are drawn from Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga as well as weightlifting, karate, pilates, isometrics, and original invention, and the great majority can be done at home with little or no equipment.

Fire movements develop muscular size and strength, and include exercises drawn from free weight training, Goju style Karate-Do, and military or body-weight-only training. Water movements are used to build muscular flexibility and mobility of the joints. These include many effective stretches and relaxation techniques drawn from Hatha Yoga.
Earth movements create stability, balance and endurance, which are often neglected aspects of holistic fitness. Isometrics and movements from Ashtanga Yoga are included. Air movements develop the health of the cardiovascular system. They include a range of cardio training styles, as well as exercises drawn from yogic breathing or Pranayama.

The figure at left is your gateway to the 200+ movements of the Element Training program. Click "rotate" to see the other side of the body, and select one of 18 muscle groups to see a wide variety of movements that make primary use of that muscle group. Over two hundred different movements are included in this program, which makes it highly customizable and capable of meeting diverse fitness goals. Sample programs and guidelines for custom programming are included, along with tips for beginners, and movements are categorized by element and difficulty level as well as by their primary muscle group. The program also includes eight different breathing exercises; tips on seven different types of cardio; advice on technique from beginner to advanced; optional tips on selecting simple, compact and versatile equipment; and nine exercises that can be done with a chin-up bar.

Any inquires, compliments or complaints can be sent using the feedback form. Photos will be put up sometime in the new year, as soon I manage to find a digicam and a model and/or photographer.

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