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Forelegs and Feet.

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Exercises for Strength

  Ankle Pusher  
This exercise develops muscles that cushion the ankle joint, and thus prevent shin splints; it'll also improve your balance. Sit on a chair and bring one heel up to the edge of the chair, with the ball of your foot over the edge. Push down on the back of your toes with one hand, and overcome that push with the muscles of your front lower leg. You might also try this in circles instead of up and down.

  Toe Lifter  
Simply stand balanced on your heels and lift the balls of both feet upward, simultaneously and repeatedly. This'll be fun and good for your balance.

Stretches for Flexibility

  Hero Pose  
First kneel. Next adjust your feet so the tops are on the floor and the soles are in the air. Relax your legs and rest your weight on your forelegs, and this stretch will extend the front of your ankle and feet. This is a starting position for the Yoga Mudra, Supine Hero Pose, and Crescent Stretch among others, and can be used for meditation. It's also a great way to relax the legs after a long walk or a jog.

  Child’s Pose  
This one is relaxing for the whole body, and a great way to rest if your training session gets too intense. From the Hero Pose, relax and lower your torso to the floor in front of you. Let your whole body soften and let gravity pull you into the floor. Your hands can be forward or at your sides, and your forehead or chin can be on the floor; go with whatever feels comfortable.

  Foot Stretch from Hero Pose  
Simply kneel with the pads of your big toes on the floor, and sit back on your heels. This is the regular hero pose with a different foot position, and poses like the Yoga Mudra and Vertical Crescent Stretch can be used to multitask while the feet get a good stretch.

A Static Hold for Endurance

  Yoga Squat Variation  
From a flat-footed Yoga Squat, simply lean your weight backwards and support it with your forelegs.

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