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The biceps play big roles in rows and chin-ups, both of which can reduce the need to work them separately. Be sure to extend your arm fully at the bottom of a bicep curl, but don't let the weight put backward pressure on your elbow joint. For more movements from the Element Training program, click on the figure at left.

Exercises for Strength

  Concentration Curls  
Stand and hold a dumbell in one hand. Make the other hand into a fist and place it against the lifting side's ribs; then anchor the lifting side's elbow against the fist. Straighten your arm to lower the weight and bend your arm to lift it back up. You can also do this seated with your elbow anchored against your inner thigh.

  Double-arm Hammer Curls  
Kneeling, load some dumbell plates on a bar without the handle --||||--. Grasp the outer plates with your palms facing each other ("hammer-style"), and the bar between your forefinger and thumb. Hold the bar down at arm's length, then bend your elbows fully to bring the weight up. These also work the brachioradialis (orange) muscle in your forearm very well.

  Trinity Arm Lift  
Load up a dumbell and do a standing concentration curl. At the top of that motion, transition to a military press, turning your palm to face inwards as you rise. From the top of the military press, transition to a double-armed triceps extension behind your head. Be sure the plates are tightly attached for safety's sake.

A Stretch for Flexibility

  Yoga Mudra  
The only biceps stretch you'll need. Link your fingers together behind your back, arms straight. Push your shoulders back and raise your hands to a comfortable, challenging height. This will stretch your pecs and front deltoids as well. There are four hand positions that will alter and/or intensify the stretch: hand grasping wrist, fingers interlaced & palms apart, fingers interlaced & palms together, and fingers interlaced with palms turned to face downward.

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