Blue Screen Life  


Green Links.

More sites to help get your green on.

Worldwatch Institute
A highly credible source of research and information on the state of the modern world. Good stuff for activists and anthropologists alike.

David Suzuki
A respected scientist and spokesperson for the environmental movement. See the Nature Challenge from this site for ten great ways to keep things green.

Green Party of Canada
A genuinely progressive political party, not only in their environmental policy, but also in the thoughful and educated way they treat every other issue.

The Rainforest Site
Part of a nice network of sites where the advertisers donate to charity every time you click. This one saves the rainforests; go ahead and click!

A nice way to break those destructive consumerist addictions, recycle plenty of things, and meet some interesting people.

The Weather Network
This is probably for checking the weather forecast. This link points to the town where I live, but you can redirect it easily enough.