Blue Screen Life  


lucid dreaming.

i had these crazy dreams last night... at first i was in a boat under a grey sky, much like today's, and the shore had one line of trees silhouetted in black but all the sky and water was grey and white. "the water must be freezing", i thought as i looked down at it... and watching those intricate patterns of the waves gliding up and down, the ones they can never duplicate in those digital movies, i realized that they could be duplicated... by my mind in a dream! reality skipped like an old record but i got a hold of it and calmed my mind and took the boat to shore. I got out and hopped over logs and rocks and suddenly i was in this lush boreal forest and the trees were so thick it was shady and dark... but all around me i could hear birds and animals moving and everything felt alive. I walked through there the way a religious man walks through a church, and then there was this lake beside me with the most beautiful deep blue water you've ever seen, and the sun was out making the waves sparkle and the sky was a clear blue dome above me... i walked back into the forest, and now the path took me between thick trees and a rock face that seemed like solid wood, and the light dimmed down 'til it looked like i was just holding a candle, walking cautiously through a small space and not sure what lay ahead. I saw a glimmer of light ahead and I approached it, and when i got there i broke out of the forest and there was the most incredible landscape you've ever seen... i was atop of a hill and to my left was a river capped with white and everywhere were rolling hills and thick green fields and enormous green maple trees, and above it all was a clear blue sky and one glorious yellow sun. I started running and jumping and singing, feeling so free and it was the most amazing thing. and then the blue sky had a little bit of red in it, a bit of red just like a kite, and i became airborne and flew through the sky and from above i could see houses scattered around the landscape and farmer families waving at me and i knew i was going to wake up... so i let go and let fall and awoke to straight walls and dim light and my sleepy human body with its thirsty mouth and tattooed arm. I sighed and rolled over onto my side, into my usual sleeping position, and realized that i'd been sleeping on my back. there are some things we should do more often...