Blue Screen Life  


Fun With Beer.

♣ Kings. ♣

Players sit around a table and take turns picking random cards.
2-6: is the number of gulps you give away to whomever(s) you choose. Not out of your beer, but out of theirs.
7 or 8: Keep it face up in front of you. If you draw two more, you drink that number back in gulps.
10: Quietly put your thumb down on the table and make like you drew a 9.
The last person to notice your thumb and do likewise gets three gulps of beer.
J: The person who drew the Jack names a topic. The next player has to quickly say something
related to it. You go around the circle doing this, and the first person to hesitate gets a drink.
Q: Ask the next player a question. Any question. The person you ask has to turn around
and ask a question to the next person. You go around the table like this, none of the questions
get answered, but the first person to hesitate gets a drink.
K: Pour a third of your beer into the Kingly Beer Stein.
Whomsoever draws the last king has chugging privileges.
A: A toast, a group cheer, and everybody drinks.

/\ The Pyramid. /\

     7     []
    6     [][]
    5    [][][]
   4    [][][][]
   3   [][][][][]
  2   [][][][][][]
  1  [][][][][][][]

♦ Stack 28 cards in a pyramid like at left. Deal
out the remaining 24 and proceed to draw all the
cards across each level of the pyramid. When a
card drawn matches one in your hand, drink; the
number of gulps you get to guzzle rises with each
pyramid level (numbers at left). Pairs in your hand
mean double the drinks; the top card is 7 gulps.

♦ Diamond Style. ♦


Choose your path up the rows of this diamond.
Any time you pick up a face card, have a large
gulp, replace all the cards you've drawn, and
return to the start. If you get through on the first
try, you drink and it doesn't count.

♥ ♦ Red or Black. ♠ ♣

Simple but effective. Call the colour before you draw the card
and if you're wrong, drink. Take turns going through the deck.
For a fun variation, have your opponent drink when you're right.


A game with two dice. The first player to roll a three becomes the 3-Man.
any 3 rolled: the 3-person drinks.
any 3 rolled by the 3-person: they name a new Captain Three.
1 & 2: this combination counts as a 3 in any case.
2 & 4: everybody drinks (two-four!!)
7 total: the player to the left has a drink.
11 total: the player to the right has a drink.
Roll again after any of these results.

Screaming Numbers.

♥ forty-TWO!
♥ This game ends WAY after you get in trouble.

Remember, you are blessed by Bacchus.
Be free and ROCK.


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