Blue Screen Life  


Welcome to Blue Screen Life.

This site is the creation of a 28-year old Canadian named Eric, who thinks that web design is an amazing medium for communication and artistic expression.

Here you can find photography, health and exercise tips, original poems and prose, appreciation of words and music and websites and life, and many other random things.

Your feedback is more than welcome.

Major Updates:

dec. 19: new wallpaper.
dec. 10: guitar scale charts.
dec. 3: song of the day.
nov. 17: tips on greener living.
oct. 17: copyright has been registered.
sept. 29: New contact page. Bandwidth theft blocked: sorry folks.
sept. 17: New recipes in the diet page.
sept. 10: Finished the canoeing page.
july 31: Compost page.

Plans for the future:

Fame and fortune = search engine optimization + affiliate marketing + google adsense.
New pages on mental health and happiness, vegetarianism, taking better photos, using cannabis, and making stained glass art.
Love and romance section, in the four seasons of finding, having, losing and being without. This is a more long-term project that I wouldn't wait up for.
Exercise photos for the training section.
More updates: This is a lifelong hobby for me, so check back every once in a while and see what you'll find.